Welcome to the Three Systems!

Sunrise on a distant moon with an alien world on the horizonDozens of light years from the remnants of Old Earth, Humanity’s most successful colonies orbit a warm red star. Three gas giants, Kronus, Calypso, and Accipiter form the core of the star’s ‘goldilocks zone’, and around them, more than a dozen habitable and terraformed moons that form the bulk of humankind’s outposts. Welcome to the Three Systems.
The TriSystems (as the locals sometimes call them) form the collective setting for several of my upcoming series, starting first with TriSystems: Rangers, debuting this fall. There are lots of lawless places between the worlds of the three systems, but the Rangers seek to change that. As part of the Joint Trisystem Forces, they provide an unaligned army that can step in where planetary forces cannot.
What makes the Rangers legend within the Three Systems, however, are their partners – Every ranger is bonded to an Umbra Wolf, an empathic connection that allows them to work in concert, ignore injuries, and, it’s rumored, share each others’ senses. I’ll post again next week, with more information about the JTF Rangers and about the Umbra Wolves that fight alongside them, but rest assured, they have a special place in my heart, and I hope they’ll find one in yours.

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