That’s like cake week, but also different, because we’re not eating the pets. Or letting Paul Hollywood judge them.

Pets In Space 6 is officially one week from release – in case you’ve not been paying attention, the new anthology comes out next week Tuesday, on October 5th. That means you only have a week left to get your pre-order in if you want it to count toward our donations to the very fine folks (and pups) at That also means that you’ll get a full week of posts as everything around here ramps up, and my excitement for Pets 6 goes into overdrive.

Today, that means another quick reminder about what Pets is, and what it means to us authors. This is my fourth Pets anthology (having been in three through six), and every year these stories feel like coming home. While our donation to Hero Dogs every year is important to me, Pets is even more dear to me because it’s where I really launched my TriSystems setting. The Rangers had a story in Pets 3 (which later saw republication as Penzak), and my dear misfit crew on board the Sentinel of Gems were the source for Pets 4 (Heart of the Spider’s Web), 5 (Mittens Not Included, coming soon), and now 6 (See How They Run). After two years of unprecedented global trauma, being able to return to these characters whom I love has been a huge comfort for me, and hopefully they will be for you too.

The Cover for Pets in Space 6

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