Pets in Space is out!

Today’s the day! Pets In Space 4 is available for the e-reader of your choice, bringing you 13 all-new, original stories from some of the top names in science-fiction romance writing today. And best of all, a portion of our first month’s sales go to support our charity of choice,, who train and place service dogs with veterans and first responders.

If you want to know about my story, Heart of the Spider’s Web, here’s the blurb:

Sheri Tyler had a simple undercover assignment: work the docks at Nobu Station, monitor the illegal trade, and report everything back to Intelligence Command. Now a botched robbery has forced her to hide among a crew of smugglers and put her on the run from the Spider Queen, one of the TriSystem’s most dangerous crime lords. Worse, it’s left her working alongside a brooding security officer who reminds her of everything she shouldn’t desire.

Rayan Barr only wants three things: keeping his ship secure, his friends safe, and his pet goanna well-fed.  None of those include overseeing a dockrat whose stories don’t add up, and who has a mad idea to sell their illegal cargo in one of the largest black markets in the Three Systems. Now his captain has demanded he keep a close watch on her, something his eyes are already all too eager to do.

Forced to rely on each other, Rayan and Sheri get pulled deeper into the Spider Queen’s web of deceit. And while Sherri might let Barr get a glimpse of the real her she’d kept hidden away, she also knows it’s only a matter of time before the lies she hides behind come crashing down. Without that protection, there’s no telling how badly they’ll both get hurt.

Blurb for Heart of the Spider’s Web, in Pets in Space 4

I’ve been reading through my contributor’s copy, and I’ve got to say, this is the strongest Pets anthology yet. Every story I’ve read has been amazing, and I’m once again flattered to be in such amazing company. Get your copy today:






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