Mumbai Manhunt

They made him a destroyer

Thirteen years ago, Joshi indentured himself to Corporate Services in exchange for the cybernetic upgrades that made him stronger and faster, and allowed them to whittle away his humanity one horrible act at a time. Now though, his freedom is in reach, and his only remaining job is to revisit the only woman who had touched his heart and destroy her life’s work.

She needed a protector

Netta Schulmann knew her corporate masters would send someone to punish her eventually – she had stalled too long in developing their perfect weapon, and they couldn’t risk their investment much longer. She didn’t expect them to send the same man who had shown her solace and protection when she’d been on the run. Nor did she expect a second assassin, hired to eliminate them both.

On the run together, Netta and Joshi find that three years apart has only heightened their passion for each other, but with time running out, they will need more than passion to survive. They’ll need trust. But even that has limits, and as the truth of their pasts comes to light, not even love may be enough to save them.