Pick Six Interviews

In honor of Sails & Sorcery coming out this month, Heidi Ruby Miller has dedicated her August “Pick Six Interviews” to covering the authors whose names grace Sails’ table of contents. For those not familiar with the concept, she gives every author the same list of questions and they choose the six they want to answer. My interview posted Wednesday, 29 August, so go give her a look (and learn more about me!)

Back from GenCon

Just a couple of brief announcements today – back from GenCon where I did a signing for Sails and Sorcery. This anthology, featuring some amazing writers, is now available at Amazon and B&N.com, as well as the Fantasist Entertainment Web site.  It’s beautifully illustrated by the talented Julie Dillon.

In additional news, my short story “Brothers” is currently available on Pseudopod – the premiere horror fiction podcast.  This story’s been out of print for a while and one with which I’m rather pleased.  Go check it out!

Finally, a quick round of congratulations to Alice Henderson who recently won a Scribe award for her Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel, Portal through Time!  Way to go, Alice!

Keeping up with Appearances:
Only one place left to catch me this year – and that’s November’s World Fantasy Conference in Sunny Saratoga Springs, New York!  Look me up, I’ll be there!